Friday, September 29, 2006

Enjoy this visual and literary fun!

dolly and rumal at lal bagh fort

29 September 2006

Namaste and Assalam Alaikum Friends! This is the entirity of my summer blog reposted photos and stories too. The few photos above, are somehow appropriate as an introduction to this trip and modern Bangladesh. We were visiting the Lal Bagh historic monument in the center of Old Dhaka, there to learn about history and the Mughals who ruled in the past. All seriousness was put aside as we gawked and snapped photos of the filming of the next 'Dollywood' hit (the nickname for Bangladesh's cinema industry) on the lawn of the Fort. There was the number on hero, Rumal, and his infmaous belle, Dolly. They are the most popular cheap-cinema film actors right now in Bangladesh. The experience was truly something.
These movies, were not talking high cinema here. They are tawdry song and dance numbers, very cheap, very simple, made for the low classes and rickshaw drivers who frequent the theatres. The movies very often times cut to intermittent porn and blue films. I never went to try it out.....
Enjoy the rest of the fun!
Four Winds,
Yoli aka Kurukulla aka France


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