Friday, September 29, 2006

In Need Of A Pirate Ship

before, during and after, and ancient lost wax method of metal working. dhamrai village, bangaldesh

the trees have taken over the 19th century building of bangladesh former capital, sonargoan

village beauty of paharpur and mahastan

amazing siva lingham and hevajra images at paharpur buddhist monastry ruins. 8th century

the old and new at the gate of the city, dhaka

ancient fountain at the lal bagh fort, 16th cen

pagla (the mad), peep the shirt

above: lal bagh fort
below: me, and lassi satifaction after a visit to the fort

gwen and ann marie---so cute!! emily looking artistic, below

amazing ancient wrathful red tara, 5th cen

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
In need of a pirate ship

Unless i process more of my amazing trip to Bangladesh and India over the summer this is my conclusiory note on blogging, travelling and Bangladesh. First of all, I really like blogging for the fact that the story is down on something written, ready for people to read at their own convenience. I come from a tradition of story-tellers and nowadays no one has time for stories. Here we are, storytellers, waiting on the sideline for people to get off their phones and blackberries in order for us to share the wisdom of experience and life. Well, thanks to blogging all the stories are there, and I have done my job, now it's up to you to read it!

Travelling is still my favorite thing to do. In all astrologies I have majority of Martian (Mars) character, and that means that every 48 hours, I am changing and have to change. A mood will last with me for 2 days. I need to go somewhere every six months, and I'm not just talking a weekend to Detroit, but somewhere fun and adventurous. BUT, air travel is on the way out I say. WAY too stressful. I need a priate ship, because I don't want just any old boat, and I need to sail the seas to get to where I'm going. Flight travel is just too stressful now, and I had a real tough time at my connection in London, missing my flight, for once not my fault, and having to beg on hands and knees to get a flight home. There was no money to stay in London. The best thing is to have no carry-on because it will be hand searched.
I have returned to the states in robes, and that was another thing flagged in the airport. I had a female police officer with me in the entire Dhaka, Bangladesh airport time, a five-time search in London, and some very suspicous looks on the American Airlines flight to Chicago. I need a pirate ship.
I am so very thankful for the Bangladesh trip. In this experience I have gotten over my fear of the government and the Man, and have realized that Uncle Sam can help me in my mission too. There is funding and work out there for someone like me who is working in the field of Religion/Philosophy and the study of Interreligious Dialogue and Ethics. I am developing an expertise that is of help and application in the world and our government right now, and is badly needed.

Bengali culture was not something new for me, like the majority of my fellow program participants, so my time was very easygoing and relaxed. I'm sure I gained five pounds or so stuffing myself with kaccha biryani and fish, and everything fried, which is the style there. I have made so many wonderful friends, and hopefully have fostered relationships that will last into the long future. It is soooooooooooooo important for we Americans to get the real story on Islam, Islamic culture, and 'Muslim countries". Hopefully, anyone who had read this blog now understands that Bangaldesh is a democratic country with a Muslim majority. That is very different from a country run by Muslim law like Saudi Arabia. There is nothing within Islam that does not support democracy, in fact the two are very close to one another.

So I give thanks for all that I have been provided with and for the many, many blessings along the way. I think I am hooked on blogging, as I have discovered now that more people are reading that just I know. So please, interact and let's learn together!
Four Winds,
Kurukulla aka Yoli aka France


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